About Us

We have become the most diverse and unique dumbbell manufacturer in Southern California. With our custom hand-made concrete dumbbells, we leave every set with its own story.

During this world-wide pandemic; we hunted for weeks trying to find gym equipment & couldn't find not one on any store shelf. From searching online and through social media marketplaces, we were hurt by the amount of people taking advantage of the demand for healthy living, during such a time in need; so we decided to bring to life our custom dumbbells.

From delivering to local parks & beaches, we saw the joy and excitement from our fellow communities to have weights to use; we decided to start hosting group beach workouts down in Santa Monica Beach. We have partnered with some of the best local trainers & Dj's Southern California has to offer & began building an even stronger workout community thus far.
We are currently in the process of building Southern California's largest Workout Festival; to help others maintain a healthy lifestyle and create a family like community! 

Here at Homebells, we want you to feel at HOME! Come join us on Sundays!